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pointy stick

I've seen a few of those before. Someone at work has a "Temptations" one which is kinda creepy.


I can understand different people having different tastes in donuts, but I can't let this blasphemy go by -the O's got nothing on Brighton! Nothing I tell you!
And if anyone from Brighton, or near a Brighton shop is reading this, I'll take two chilli cheese dogs and a large fry drowning in vinegar, please.
The remaning hot dog cup at our house has been relegated to scooping dog food. Now that I think about it, that's appropriate.

Large Fries With Cheese

I am unable to offer up an educated opinion on this hot dog debate. the one and only time I was at Brighton, I was preggo and the mere thought of eating a hotdog made me sick. My vote, however, will go to whichever hotdog does not have the crunchy skin thing going on. Ick.
Now french fries, I have to vote for The "O", nothing finer between the three rivers.


Sarah, Sarah, Sarah -- c'mon now. Brighton makes a pretty good dog, but I can't imagine going out of my way for 'em. I would -- and HAVE, on many occasions -- made special trips to Oakland for a nice, crunchy O dog and fries.

It's the crunchiness that makes the difference, in my opinion. Love that "snap" when you bite into an O doggie. So long as I can keep out of my mind the reality behind what's actually CAUSING that snap, that is.

I've only eaten at the Brighton shop that's in Cranberry, however -- maybe they're not quite up to the standards of the main location. That's not an uncommon occurance -- I've always held that the satellite Primanti's are all pale imitations of the Strip District location...


That's exactly it - it's the *snap* in the O's dogs that gives me the creeps. It's way too much like an actual animal-part casing. Yes, I realize worrying about eating animal parts is not rational when consuming hot dogs, but I prefer my casings completely synthetic and snap-free.
I grew up eating at the "original" Brighton (in New Brighton, of course) and in Be'er Falls, so that's what dogs and fries are supposed to taste like. Didn't notice a difference in Cranberry.

*hangs her head in shame for accosting an innocent blogger to argue over hot dogs*


I was wondering if you could tell me how to get to the Dirty O. I'm actually from Spokane, Washington and I have a friend here who's always wanted to go to PA just for the Dirty O and now I'm going on a road trip and will be traveling accross PA. Anyway if you could let me know where it is that would be so wonderful.

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